Dance Instruction


School Programs

SchoolDance is dance instruction for public, private or high school students following the school's curriculum. Also, Ballroom, Flamenco, Jazz, Folk and Modern instruction are available.




The students in Rm. 10 at JF Carmichael have been learning a Hip-Hop routine over the past several weeks to prepare for our upcoming Earth Day assembly. We appreciate Mrs. Green's efforts by coming in, working with the students and teaching them the process of learning a dance from start to finish. Kim's son Ben assists her in demonstrating the various dance steps. "The students in Rm. 10 are very engaged in the the learning process," states Miss Cumine. "It is a delight for us to take part in somthing so current. We are very grateful to Mrs. Green for all of her efforts in teaching our class - 4 Minutes to Save the World."

Sincerely, Miss Cumine. (Grade 5/6 teacher @ J.F. Carmichael School)